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One of the most important things about being in a band is chemistry with your fellow musicians. So, I like to give gifts to my bandmates to show them how much I care. Like here, for example, I’m generously serenading Oliver with a riveting acoustic bass + vocal arrangement. He loves it. Keep your bandmates happy! #kamelot #oliverpalotai #seantibbetts #thomasyoungblood #tommykarevik #caseygrillo #Alissawhitegluz


Sorry for the cliff-hanger folks, but this is only the first September update! Comics will now be posted every two weeks instead just once a month, so expect another before October! :)

You folks can once again thank artsywindow for the awesome art on display here, and if you need to catch up on the comic you can check out the archive! If you’re enjoying the material, please take a look at the Lordran and Beyond Patreon and consider pledging to support the project!All of the Patreon funds go directly to the artists involved, every dollar really does help, and there are pledge goals to guarantee larger updates (which means more amazing art to see!) plus some really terrific rewards!

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